Logo & Stationery Designing Services

Your logo is your first impression. Make this impression lasting & top-notch. View our work below in branding & visual identity for your reference.

Need a logo for your business? Look no further. We will help you during the whole conception process and will create for you the best logo that resonates the essence of your company, so your business stands out of the crowd. EyeGrabbers is a graphic design company based in Mumbai – India, and as designers we ‘Keep It Simple & Striking!’ for Logo Designing. We understand that creating a professional elegant logo is both an art and a science. How?!

Well our logo designers beautifully blend the following innovative as well as the technical aspects:
– Simplicity : a very important aspect to a strong direct logo
– Transparency : delivering a clear message
– Visual Impact : so communicative & eye-pleasing that its striking to the memory
– Credibility : Logo creates a trust, bonding & strengthens the customer relationship



We recognise people by their faces, similarly the world recognises a company by its logo. A Logo is the face of an organization. A Logo is the centrepiece of a company’s brand.

In today’s era of social media, people are exposed to too many new ideas every single day to remember them all. So our mind sorts all the information categorically. Hence Your Logo should be the symbol for everything that the company represents. When a customer sees your logo, they should be able to quickly connect with you & recollect what it is that you do.

A Logo forms the foundation of the corporate identity. While there’s no easy answer to what kind of logo design is the most effective & impressionable, a creatively designed logo is more likely to stand out. But, it doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated such that it becomes difficult to distinguish visually at a distance or when the logo is printed in a small size.